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Email Marketing Optimization Hacks & Case Studies

Our world is changing fast. So fast, in fact, that it can be hard for even the savviest marketers to keep up. You now have so many different ways to get your marketing message across. Apps, proximity marketing, and push marketing, are just a few of the new...

How Can Brands Tackle The Challenge Of Voice Search SEO?

This year, we are likely to hear that voice search is the future of doing online searches. Some of the largest technology companies out there are already investing a lot of money into developing this technology. Just a few years ago, we would have thought...

Some facts about eBay – an Infographic

Online shopping has become very much a part of the fabric of the web. From finding the best prices to being able to buy just about anything you can think of and couple this with promotions and discount coupons, online shopping has become a pleasant on...

How to improve your local SEO rank in Ireland – SEO Ireland

Some basic SEO tips for sites Ireland When someone carries out a search in Ireland for a product that you sell, the purpose of your website is to attract the persons attention so that they engage with you and ultimately you make the sale. There are three main...

Adwords or Organic Marketing

Organic Search is here to stay There are people that advocate that the only reliable way to market your website is through Paid Adverts (PPC). These same people then come up with ridiculous phrases like: 'Free traffic goes bye-bye' or 'The savviest marketers know how...

SEO in Ireland

Traditionally, business in Ireland relied largely on word-of-mouth and their private network for their success. Who you know and who they know was vital to the growth of your business. When you needed a service or a product, your 'search engine' was likely to be the...

WordPress Maintenance Ireland

In a previous article on Wordpress Maintenance, we discussed importance of keeping your Wordpress system up to date with the latest plugins and the latest version of the Wordpress software (CMS). Our experience with clients in Ireland shows that in the vast majority...

WordPress Maintenance

Wordpress is the leading Content Management System Wordpress is without dispute the leading Content Management System (CMS) chosen for websites worldwide. It is known to be used by more than 60% of all websites on the Internet 1. Like most successful products on the...

Building Links

What are some effective techniques for building links? Watch this video from Google with Matt Cutts. The methods covered are: Great content leads to links Controversy - write controversial articles and uncork a good rant once in a while; Participate in the community...

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