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Readability Checker – See your page through the visitors eyes.

The free Readability tool from CreatorSEO™ analyses how easy your page is to read and is an excellent accompaniment to Keyword Research. Readability is measured by a number of different indexes. These indexes are then translated into ease of reading, comprehension and time to read. This analysis is usually done at the page level, but this tool provides the readability at the paragraph level.

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Our Readability tool calculates the Readability Indexes and translates these for easy use.


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Make sure that your paragraphs are pitched at the correct level to capture your visitors’ attention.



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Sit back and watch as users engage with your site.


Answers to Your Questions

What is Page Readability?

Page Readability is an assessment of how easy a page is to read. Generally, the easier it is to read the more likely that the content will be understood and the more enjoyable the page will be to read.

Why is Page Readability important?

Your pages are the window to your website and you only have seconds to impress your visitors. Therefore, it is important to provide pages that are easy to read, easily understood and target the right audience. Page Readability is important for the user experience and is also an important building block for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

How do I know if my Readability is good?

First you need to decide on your target audience. In particular, the age group and level of education of the audience. Our readability tool will identify the audience that is best suited to the content and you can then decide if there is a need to adjust the content or not.

What to expect when using the page Readability checker?

The Page Readability tool will take a few seconds to run. The run time depends on the amount of content on your page and the speed of your website.

Our Page Readability analysis too will give you a good insight into how long the page will take to read and how easy the page is to read and comprehend. Analysis is also done by paragraph to allow you to quickly check on any paragraphs that may need some work.

Data, Information and Knowledge:

All the information obtained using the Page Readability checker will be treated with the utmost sensitivity. While using the Page Readability, your data will not be stored by us and will not be shared with anyone.

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