How Do I Choose the Right PPC Agency?

Many companies use PPC agencies to drive their marketing campaigns. Hiring professionals to run your ad campaigns is an investment worth making. It can be difficult to know where to start especially for an area of marketing you may not be familiar with.

You want the best team on your side who will work for the benefit of your business and provide the best ROI.

There are several metrics to consider when recruiting a PPC firm to run your ad campaigns. Whether you choose to work with CreatorSEO or another agency, these factors will help in your choice of advertising partner.

  1. Assess Their Communication Culture

Before acquiring the services of a PPC agency, learn more about their communication style. As a potential customer, you should ensure you get good value for your money.

An ideal agency will keep you updated on the status of your marketing campaign. The agency should also be able to notify you of any updates, risks, or concerns and grant you access to their campaign metrics on occasion.

You want to be able to communicate effectively and understand all the information you are been given.

  1. Check Whether They’re Data-Driven

When decisions are data-driven, there’s more clarity about the suitable approaches to take.

What metrics does your chosen agency use?

Cost-Per-click? Search volume? Segmented phrases?

CreatorSEO uses a wide variety of metrics to determine the best PPC campaigns for our clients.

It’s important to know what data your PPC agency uses and why. Ask for details on their approach so you know what they are doing and why.

If they can not provide such data, it is best to look somewhere else.

  1. Check For Agency Case Studies

Ask for case studies to understand an agency’s past performance and achievements.

Case studies shed light on how an agency meets a customer’s needs. They show how an agency breaks down a problem, defines its measurable aspects, and works to create a solution.

Case studies are insightful because they also provide details about past clients of your chosen agency.

If they have successful results, especially in your industry then it is a positive sign you have chosen the right agency.

You can also learn potential costs and results from reviewing case studies.

  1. Are They Transparent?

A transparent agency should let you track your campaigns’ progress and give recommendations and opinions at each stage.

An agency can provide you with various levels of access to track the progress of your campaign.

When starting a new campaign, an agency can set up and manage multiple accounts from a single login.

Find an agency that provides you with all the access you need. You should be able to track progress and spending so you can define a successful ROI.

The company you choose should be open about issues that arise so ensure they are fully transparent with all the information they provide.

  1. Check What platforms they work with

PPC varies across social media and search engines so it’s important to know where your agency’s expertise lies.

A reputable agency will only work with a few select advertising platforms. This is so they can master the platforms to the best of their ability.

If they work with too many their expertise will be limited.

For example, CreatorSEO specializes in PPC for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This allows us to provide better quality on these platforms.

If your business is represented in these areas then you have chosen the right company.

Know where your audience is to ensure your ads show up in the right places.

  1. Check Whether an Agency Has Adequate Resources

How many employees will be working on your campaign and what resources and tools will be used

This information is vital to know.

This ensures you are getting the quality that you deserve.

Some agencies may embellish their ability and achievements, so be thorough and check what you will be receiving from the agency you choose.

  1. Check Their Pricing Models

While spending money to reap more money is the mantra of marketing, it’s wise to determine the ROI you will receive.

Commonly, a 2-to-1 return on your investment is almost always guaranteed when you invest in PPC ad campaigns.

With data-driven marketers, it is possible to get more return on your investment. Different agencies adopt different pricing models.

Some models are suitable for small brands, while others work better for big ones. You should check the models an agency adopts and determine if the model is ideal for your brand.

  1. Check How Meticulous the Agency Is

What process does your PPC agency follow to determine the right approach to take?

Your agency should have a detailed plan to approach your campaigns and be able to detail this to you.

How do they generate keywords, what kind of copywriting will they utilize, which PPC platform will they use, and how much ad spend will be required?

The proof is in the detail so ensure your PPC agency is meticulous and provides you with the information that you require.

  1. Do They Have Adequate Skills?

Hiring an agency with extensive knowledge and experience in modern marketing solutions such as SEO is important. PPC advertising is frequently used in tandem with SEO to increase brand awareness.

When an agency has skilled employees in these two areas, they can quickly get ideal keywords for an ad campaign and achieve better results.

  1. What Tools Do They Use?

You’ve probably heard that a man is only as good as his tools, right? Nothing can sum up a good agency better than these words. Advanced tools are a must-have whether you are conducting campaign optimization or need to run a bigger ad campaign.

To perform their tasks effectively, a competent PPC agency should have the right tools, including scheduling, design, tracking, and analytics tools.

A well-equipped agency often delivers the results you require. When selecting a suitable agency to meet your brand’s needs, always check that they have adequate tools and personnel.


While it’s difficult to pin down a perfect PPC agency, some fundamental factors can help you settle on an agency that meets your marketing requirements. It is important to note that even if an agency checks all the boxes above, you should always do more research before signing a contract.

If you feel CreatorSEO meets your needs, get in touch today.

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