Dominate PPC and SEO with Our Keyword Research Analysis

Through numerous updates and changes to SEO, website ranking factors and on and off-page SEO signals, one constant that has remained the same is the need for quality keywords.

Keywords used strategically throughout your website copy and adverts help search engines and advertising platforms place the correct content in front of searchers.

If you produce content that is not being searched for, doesn’t answer queries and is not relevant to your brand you will not show up in search and PPC results.

This type of content can also harm your brand and affect your ranking in terms of searches and ad placement.

Why Keyword research is Important:

Effective keyword research will show you what people are searching for, how you can answer their questions, what the competition is doing and how to beat them.

Keyword research is incredibly important for SEO as it is one of the main ranking factors.

In the case of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, it ensures your ads show up in front of people who are in search of your product and/or service.

If you are not using the right keywords, your ad spend will be wasted and the content your produce will yield little to no results.

Keyword research is not just about finding what people are searching for, you need to analyse these terms and phrases.

Keyword research analysis highlights more information that can be used by advertising and marketing departments.

We are going to show you just how important keyword research analysis is and how you can dominate PPC and SEO with CreatorSEO.

The Importance of Keywords:

  • Keywords let you know what people are searching for. With this information, you can then craft content and advertising around this.
  • They improve marketing strategies as you develop paid and free content that should entice visitors to your site.
  • By providing value to searches, search engines will rank your content higher increasing the chances of people clicking.
  • In terms of PPC, your ads show up on relevant and similar pages. These paid ads can appear as the top three search results, within emails and on sidebars and footers etc.
  • You can create a list of content to avoid, or which is lower in quality or relevance.

Simply put if you don’t know what people are searching for then you cannot create the right content for them.

Is Knowing Just the Keywords Enough?

It may be possible to come up with keywords and phrases that you can create content for, but there are issues here as well.

  • What is the volume of searches for that term (is it worth investing time in)?
  • How does the competition rank for these terms? Can you beat them? You might be able to create stronger content, but age, backlinks etc, play a pivotal role in ranking factors and it affects the cost per click.
  • What is the density of keywords per page? Too little and it might not register with search engines, too much and you will be penalised?
  • For PPC if you use generic terms, people, may not click as you do not stand out.

To know keywords is one thing, to know the right keywords is another, and that’s why keyword research analysis is incredibly important.

Keyword research analysis breaks down information into smaller segments that can be acted upon in the right way by your marketing team and PPC agency.

Dominating PPC and SEO With Keyword Research Analysis

There are many parts to keyword research analysis, but we will look at just some of the important areas. Each of these areas is researched and presented to you by CreatorSEO in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Search volume: This will show you the number of people searching for particular words and phrases. A lot of the time well established sites will rank highly here, and they will be hard to beat, but it shows you the direction of content that you should be creating.


  • Competitor analysis: It’s important to look at what your competitors rank for at the moment. Do they use words and phrases that you can incorporate? What kind of content are they producing? Listicles, articles, Blogs etc?


  • Location: Knowing where people are searching from and where they are searching for, will help you create localised content that will stand out.


  • Your ranking: You may be ranking highly for keywords already, but perhaps you are not in the right spot. How can you improve the content on your site?


  • Keyword density: How often are words and phrases used throughout the content? Ensure yours is similar and you use a good mix of keywords to show up in search results.


  • CPC: Check the cost per click for certain keywords, this will help you determine the cost of running adverts using these particular words and phrases.




What We Do at CreatorSEO:

Along with keyword research and keyword research analysis, CreatorSEO is an innovative agency that combines a deep understanding of SEO to optimise websites, improve ad spending and in turn increase visitors to your websites.

By using creative in-house tools for keyword research and analysis, CreatorSEO produces, customised keyword segments ranked in order of relevance, importance and competitive ability.

CreatorSEO can conduct a thorough audit of your site and your competition to highlight areas of improvement, what the competition is doing differently and your ability to outrank them in numerous terms and phrases.

Segmented keyword lists will provide you with a backdrop to creating content with similar search terms. CreatorSEO will highlight search volume, cost-per-click and the most opportune keyword for your campaigns.

Such data is invaluable to SEO and PPC.

If you are not prepared to act on the information, CreatorSEO can work with you to optimise your site and generate the SEO content and PPC campaigns that will drive your site into the number one position and increase the number of clicks on your ads.

Why CreatorSEO:

Not only do we use custom inbuilt tools for keyword research and analysis, but we also provide you with the best insights into how to use this information.

We continually monitor changes in keyword structures and provide insights into what content you should be producing.

This saves companies across Ireland incredible amounts of time and money.

Ensure your paid campaigns are working for you and that you are not wasting time and money targeting words and phrases that will produce no results.

Dominate SEO and PPC by working with CreatorSEO.

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