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PPC Management Services
The results-focused Ireland PPC Agency

The PPC agency that delivers a structured approach to setting up and monitoring bids on Third Party Services.

CreatorSEO offers a PPC service that will help drive traffic to your site to potentially enhance your online reputation and drive more sales.


  • Strategy
    We agree and document a clear PPC strategy with specific goals.
  • Knowledge
    We have accumulated the PPC knowledge that delivers results for our clients.
  • Proactiveness
    We look at your business and PPC need with the aim of generating new ideas and recommendations.
  • Cost Effective
    You can lower your internet marketing staffing costs and focus on your core competencies.
  • Transparency
    You get detailed reporting and PPC campaign analysis.
  • Responsibility
    We take the responsibility to get our clients PPC results.


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Data driven SEO consultants

Why choose CreatorSEO as my PPC partner?


15+ Years of Experience

With more than 15 years of experience, CreatorSEO is a trusted choice for PPC in Ireland. Our experience demonstrates our ability to drive results with our clients — we don’t see PPC as a black art! You can leverage the experience of ur PPC agency to take your ads strategy to the next level.


Competitor comparisons

We offer a range of long term services, including SEO. Over the years, we’ve formed lasting partnerships with our clients. Our clients trust us to help them deliver, this why our client retention rate is more than 92%.


PPC Agency that delivers

CreatorSEO is a leading PPC agency that uses paid search to drive sales and engagement. Whether you want to increase conversions, website traffic, or both, our PPC services will help you achieve your goals, plus measure and maximize your ROI from PPC.


Exclusive SEO and PPC Tools

With our PPC consulting services, your business gains access to our SEO and PPC tools. This software, which features artificial intelligence and machine learning, provides information to help define your PPC strategy while providing rich customer data and insights to your competitors.

If you are looking to learn and implement a successful PPC strategy, choose CreatorSEO.

We offer a level of technology understanding and data analysis that other PPC agencies cannot match. Your business can gain more actionable insights from us.


Enterprise Ireland

CreatorSEO is on the Enterprise Ireland panel of ICT/eBusiness Trainers and Advisers and regularly speak at Enterprise Ireland Internet marketing events. We are also Enterprise Ireland mentors for Internet marketing and strategy.

Drive revenue from paid search with the PPC management services

PayPer Click 0r PPC advertising, is one of the ways to target new business or get your brand out there.  PPC is an Digital Marketing tool that allows website owners to essentially pay for ranking positions – as long as your ads are active.

PPC are ad services on

  • search engines (like Google or Bing),
  • social media sites (like Facebook or LinkedIn) and
  • ad networks that are engaged by advertisers.

In each case these are third-party sites where the client pays for adverts that we can help manage or train you to look after them yourself.

Pay per click advertising is a powerful direct marketing channel that allows advertisers to target specific markets and specific keywords. Checkout our keyword research analysis that will help identify keywords that are groupded in to search/market segments.

The advertiser agrees a fee for each click/selection of their ads by users. The position of the ad is based on the advertisers bid price/offer in relation to other bidders and the quality of the advert.

We tailor PPC campaigns to meet our client needs. Our PPC service will deliver the most effective PPC campaign possible for your business. More than ever companies need an effective PPC strategy in order to drive business through their web presence.

CreatorSEO can deliver a custom PPC campaign to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company with our PPC management services.


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Answers to Your Questions

How long does PPC take to work?

PPC takes two to three months to work, on average. The first two/three months of a PPC campaign usually focus on gathering data from your campaigns and ads. This data can then use to improve your keyword targeting, audience targeting, and bids.

What is a PPC Methodology?

Our proven PPC methodology is typically broken in to the following steps:

1. In conjunction with the client agree objectives and targets and develop a PPC strategy

2. Capture requirements to meet the goals and set a baseline

3. Perform Keyword Research and Selection

4. Customise and write unique creative content (titles and descriptions) to maximise click through and conversion rates

5. Identify landing pages: we identify the best pages to maximise conversions – update content, titles, headers, etc.

6. Systematically build a PPC campaign & implement campaign tracking

7. Start campaign

8. Track, Measure, Improve & Report results to the client

New PPC campaigns can be up and running within a 2 to 3 days. Results from the campaigns can usually be seen within 1 week of launch.

Why does PPC take so long to work?

A PPC campaign usually requires two/three months to work for a few reasons, including:

A new PPC campaign doesn’t have any data

The best advertising data comes from your ad campaign. It takes time for your campaign to generate data. Once you have that data, you can use it to improve your targeting, keyword selection, and bids strategy.

A new PPC campaign doesn’t have any performance history

Most on-line ad platforms gauge the quality of your ads. This will influence your ad performance and therefore how often users see them. This quality score takes a number of weeks to reflect a true score. These metrics can change as the platforms gather more data about your ads’ performances.

How is Google Ads budget spent?

Firstly, you control your budget. In Google Ads, every campaign has its own unique settings where you can control its daily budget. Note, that Google allocate to your budget for a Month regardless if your ads don’t run each day.

Each campaign has its own budget and you can amend as needed. You can break down your monthly PPC budget into daily budgets for each campaign, assigning more spend to higher priority campaigns.

With Google Ads, you can specify when you want your ads to run. You can set your ads to appear for specific times on the days that best suit you.

You can set geotargeting to allocate more of your budget to reach people in specific Google defined geographic areas (country, region, etc.).

You only spend money on ads when your ad is clicked. You will be charge a price per click depending on your ad settings and competition for the particular keyword.

Data, Information and Knowledge given to your SEO consultant:

All the information obtained working with your SEO consultant will be treated with the utmost sensitivity. Your data and information will only be shared within CreatorSEO or with agreed individuals.

We will sign and send you a non disclosure agreement once we start working with you.

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