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Reverse IP Checker – Protect Your Resources.

The free Reverse IP Checking tool from CreatorSEO™ gives you an insight into the sites that are sharing your hosting resources with you. This information is important because the Security, Speed and Reputation of your site could be compromised by the sites you are sharing with.

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Paste your URL into the Reverse IP checker query box and press Submit.


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Our Reverse IP tool finds the sites that are sharing your hosting and lists these.

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Make sure that the list does not include any sites you are concerned about.



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Take action to move your hosting if necessary.



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Now you can, focus on improving your content.


Answers to Your Questions

What Reverse IP?

Your domain name links to your hosting through an IP address. This IP address is not necessarily unique to you and it may be shared with a number of other sites. However, the IP address is tied to a particular hosting. Essentially, Reverse IP shows you who you are sharing your hosting with.

Why do I need to know who I share my hosting with?

Your hosting refers to the server that hosts your website. The resources on every server are limited and are shared between the sites with the same IP address. The security, speed and reputation of your site can be influence by these sites. Think of your hosting as a neighbourhood, the more people, the more chance of bad neighbours and of conjestion. Similarly it only takes one bad neighbour to have an adverse effect on the entire neighborhood.

How do I decide if my hosting is good?

Firstly, you want to check that you are not sharing with too many other sites as this may lead to conjestion. Next have a look at the reputation of the sites that you are sharing with. You don't want to share with spammy sites or sites that are not well maintained.

What to expect when using the Reverse IP lookup tool?

The Reverse IP tool may take a few seconds to run. This time depends largely on your hosting and and the speed of your server.

Our Reverse IP lookup tool will find the sites that you are sharing your hosting with and will display a selection of these domain names to help you decide whether your hosting is good or not.

Data, Information and Knowledge:

All the information obtained using the Reverse IP lookup tool will be for your information only. While using the Reverse IP tool, your data will not be stored by us and will not be shared with anyone. However, please be aware that domain hosting information is not restricted and this tool can be run by anyone for any domain.

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