Keyword Research – National and International Opportunities

If you are an online trader offering services or products internationally you are in both a lucrative and extremely competitive area. Keyword Research – National and International Opportunities can help increase your sales and profit.

Being able to offer services from marketing, to banking and tech support to products through your eCommerce or online store is an amazing opportunity.

The primary downside is you are going to compete with the global market.

How will you gain a competitive advantage and what can you offer that others can’t?

To answer these questions, it’s important to conduct keyword reach into your industry and your location, this will help you:

  • Identifying shortfalls in the competition
  • Create content that resonates with your audience
  • Meets search engine requirements
  • Identify local and international opportunities
  • Identify product and service trends along with much more


Identifying Opportunities:

Keyword research not only gives you a combination of words and queries that you can use for content marketing and SEO, but it also identifies clearly what your customers are looking for.

Keyword research provides you with details on their needs, what products and services can assist them, it highlights questions you can provide the answer to, and all of this can be identified by geographic location.

Perhaps your offer a product or service that is better than the competition or that is not on the market in a particular region just yet.

By pivoting your content and targeting specific areas you can achieve results and create new opportunities.

From identifying market trends to developing new product lines and service opportunities, keyword research provides an abundance of usual information that can be put to use by your marketing teams and product producers.

The benefits of Keyword Research – National and International Opportunities:

Market Research

Keyword research is most often associated with SEO and content marketing strategies, but when conducted properly and associated with specific industries, it can also be viewed as strategic market research.

This is especially true for eCommerce stores that can provide their products and services across the world.

Identifying market trends and global opportunities is one way to expand your business exponentially.

Keyword research can provide much faster and more targeted research results than traditional forms of market research.

You can view the demand for certain products across regions, identify associated product lines that may be useful to your business and establish trends, ensuring you are ahead of the competition.

Establish new customer segments in different regions and create content that will establish you as a leader in that area.

Product line expansion:

Through analytical keyword research, you can identify new product lines that fit into your industry. This can be done by looking at trends in different graphic locations and identifying how they might impact your area.

This can also be done in reverse; you can see if other locations are looking for your products.

If you have an existing store and wish to expand your product line locally, keyword research can help identify demand and potential options for your product increase.

CreatorSEO can identify new product lines using seed keywords provided by you. By examining the competition, what products they have and the search volume of certain products you may choose to incorporate them into your product line.

International Demand for Your Products:

International demand for products that you already have in stock can be gleaned by changing the location in our search engine tools. You can identify if your products or services are in demand in different locations. If there is potential, you can target these markets th5ough advertising and content marketing.

Keyword research will also help identify the correct terminology for different regions, for example, US and UK English will require differing product descriptions and designs based on the terminology used there.

Developing of New Customer Segments:

Similar to product line expansion, keyword research can also highlight new customer segments that you can target.

Should you be an eCommerce store that focuses on women’s fashion and beauty products, you may want to establish a line for men or teenagers.

By researching the search volume for men’s and teenager beauty products you can gain insights into who your potential customers should be.

With further insights, we can see which has the most potential based on competitive opportunity, ease of implementation and forecast growth for each term that is produced through keyword research.

So, although teenagers may seem like the obvious choice based on volume, men may be a better audience as they are a more targeted demographic and most importantly, they have purchasing power.

How CreatorSEO will highlight market opportunities both nationally and internationally:

Establishing market opportunities, product lines and customer segmentation is all possible through market research.

For those starting in the eCommerce world or even well established, the information that CreatorSEO can gather through our established research techniques and in-house keyword research tools cannot be understated.

Our research and data can provide 10s of thousands of potential keywords which can be used for marketing nationally and internationally. Keyword research information also identifies product lines, potential customer segments and marketing trends.

The CreatorSEO Process:


After you provide us with seed keywords, you believe your customers are using to find you, we conduct keyword research on your site, your competitors and through Google.

This is done geographically so we can pull up both national and international results based on your preference.

We compile possibly 10s of thousands of keywords related to your business and product lines.


We then segment this data into logical groups such as location, product, landing page, service etc. These are top 10 lists sorted from highest to lowest in search volume.

Data Analysis:

CreatorSEO go even further and establish keyword competitive opportunity, ease of implantation and forecast for the linear growth of such search terms.

Providing you with the most comprehensive keyword analysis available along with a walkthrough of what all the information means.

Keyword Research – National and International Opportunities Conclusion:

A large amount of the data produced through keyword research is often used in content creation and SEO.

But when analysed correctly and broken down into segments by CreatorSEO, all businesses which operate globally can benefit from the data. This information can be used on a local, national and international level according to your business goals.

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