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Our free Keyword Suggestion tool provides a list of keywords that may be pertinent to you page based on your page content and on recent web searches that are related to the page content (including trending stories). This helps with creating good content which is key to the SEO performance of your page.

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Our keyword tool evaluates your page and generates a list of suggested phrases.


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Update your content by including new phrases to improve your On-Page SEO.


Answers to Your Questions

How can keyword suggestions help me?

Writing good, unique content can be quite difficult. This tool provides a list of phrases that can help you form new ideas for your content and can take the edge off the task of keeping your page fresh and up to date.

Why are some of the phrases are not relevant?

The interpretation of the content on you page is based on the main phrases already on the page, the metadata, page headers, image tags and page links). The new list of phrases which are extracted from Google are based on this content and will include some broad matches that may not be relevant. Therefore it is important to identify the most relevant terms from the list and ignore the others.

Where do the keyword phrases come from?

The list of phrases suggested by this tool are derived from the content on you page and on recent web searches. The base data is provided by Google and interpreted by this tools.

Why is unique content important?

The phrase ‘Content is King’ attributed to Bill Gates in 1996 is still valid and search engines value good content. However, a lot of content on the web is not unique and is plagiarized from other sites. Search engines like Google penalise pages where content is not original and unique.

Are there any other tools that can help with page content?

As this is such an important aspect of the web, there are many tools available to help with content generation and content optimization. Some of these can be complex and difficut to use. However, the basic tools like Keyword Suggestion, Keyword Density and Page Readability go a long way towards providing good content. External services like Keyword Research provide good value for money and can lead to considerable time saving when looking for new content.

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