How to find the Best Keywords

How to find the best Keywords is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. Keywords tell search engines what your content is about, answers questions for your site visitors and contributes to how your website is ranked in search results. Using the right keywords, content structure and strategy will greatly improve your chances of outranking the competition and gaining those top spots in search results.

But how do they find the best keywords for your site and what keyword research strategies work best? We will answer those questions and more and provide you with solutions to your keyword issues.


What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases that a searcher will look for in the search bar of their chosen search engine according to Moz.

A searcher may be asking for a recipe, directions, the answer to a question or a billion other topics and ideas that we all search for every day.

Your job and/or that of your marketing team is to try and answer these queries and provide valuable information.

All the content on your site can incorporate keywords. As long as it answers a question or provides information that the searcher is looking for.

Therefore, to successfully rank in search results you need to use the right keywords and phrases in your content. This is so search engines and therefore searches are directed towards your site.

There are primary, secondary and tertiary keywords that site owners and marketers can utilise to provide additional information and benefit to site readers. Conducting proper keyword research will produce these additional keywords that can help with your content strategy.


What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of researching popular search terms and phrases used by people in search engines such as Google and Bing.

By using the right tools, marketers and website owners can develop SEO content and strategies that use these phrases strategically in their content. This well-produced content has the best chance of ranking high in SERPs.

It is essential to only conduct keyword research within your niche/industry. If you try to target keywords because of their ease of use and without any connection to your products or services search engines will discover this and penalise your site.

Effective keyword research will allow you to highlight gaps in the market, create pillar content for your marketing strategies and outperform competitors who may have missed certain aspects of content.

You can use basic tools such as Google Search Console or employ more advanced software such as CreatorSEO to develop your keyword research strategy.


Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keywords and phrases are vital to your SEO and the content marketing strategy for your site. If you can identify phrases and words that are searched for and incorporate them into your content, especially competitive keywords you have a higher chance of ranking well within search results.

Keywords also provide a framework for how you develop your content especially if you segment your keywords.

This helps you create a long list of potential content and ways to use phrases and wording that you may not have envisioned before.

To identify these important keywords and phrases you need to conduct extensive keyword research to discover, primary, secondary and tertiary keywords that can be used throughout the content that you create.

Conducting competitor research, asking customers, using Google tools and more advanced tools and services such as CreatorSEO will help you generate long-tail keywords, phrases and answers to your customer queries.


Why Have your keywords segmented into groups?

Segmenting your keywords into groups will allow you to create a more structured approach to your content.

Rather than creating a list of keywords spread across your whole site, it is better to focus on specific niche keyword areas.

You can segment keywords by product, services, informational guides and much more. You can decide on these segments yourself or employ the use of professional teams who will segment based on SEO needs, your business and the content plan and the structure of your site.

Segmenting keywords based on shared characteristics such as location, product type and name etc will help your marketing team develop a more in-depth content strategy.


How to find the best keywords:

– Step 1: Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

Who else knows your business better than you and what you provide to your customers? Brainstorm with your colleagues and any SEO service provider you choose. Develop keyword ideas and phrases that you may wish to include in your content strategy.

Check out what the competition is doing regarding content production. Are there gaps that you can fill, can you improve upon the content that they have created, do you want to try and target some of their existing content?

All of these ideas can help generate potential keyword lists and with the use of powerful tools you can discover which phrases and keywords will work best for your site

– Step 2: Use CreatorSEO for your keyword research

A Creator SEO keyword researcher can find the search terms that your customers are using by utilising in-house tools built by us for this exact purpose.

The expert SEO and research team will analyse your site, your competition and the phrases used by your customers to create detailed segmented keyword groups. From which you can establish marketing and content strategies.

Following a brainstorming session, we can work upon agreed segmentation lists, potential items you believe are valuable to your brand and analyse what the competition is doing regarding these terms, along with your existing content.

Using this information, you can then focus on the content that will reap the most rewards for your site.

– Step 3: How to Find the Best Keywords

The detailed keyword research from CreatorSEO will show you commonly used phrases, their use by the competition, the difficulty level in producing each part of the content and much more.

You need to analyse this data and target the best keywords for your business.

Aim for:

  • Low-level, high traffic keywords
  • Content that is useful to your site visitors
  • Content that has not been targeted by the competition
  • Long-lasting evergreen content that you can produce to a high level.
  • This will put you in a position to challenge existing competitor positions and improve upon your existing content.


How to find the best Keywords Conclusion:
Keyword research is one of the benchmarks of a successful SEO campaign and strategy. You need to know what your audience is searching for and how to use this to your advantage.

The team at CreatorSEO can do a lot to help improve your site and we are always willing to assist and answer any questions where possible.

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