WordPress Plugins

Wordpress has become the Content Management System of choice as the 2018 market share results clearly show. This is most likely due to the ease of use of the system, ease of installation and the large number of applications available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

CreatorSEO™ has followed on this trend with the development of tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress. We are in the process of developing plugins based on our well established SEO tools.

A number of these tools already are available on the WordPress Library and these can be freely downloaded and used by owners of WordPress site. Our WordPress plugins comply with the WordPress Plugin Guidelines and are carefully tested before release.

While we may offer paid-for on-line services that enhance the functionality of the plugins offered, the base plugins are free for download and use by WordPress site owners.

Our current WordPress Suite available on the Official WordPress library includes:

Wordpress CMS Market Share 2018

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