Keyword Research and Content Marketing

Whether you are a marketing agency, website owner or web developer great Keyword Research and Content Marketing is key. Creating content for your business and/or clients will be a major part of any website building strategy. Content marketing and publication highlights your area of expertise, shows your products and services and assist all of your marketing and SEO work.

You must create content that aligns with your business goals, promotes your brand and most importantly your products and services.

The type of content that you produce will vary depending on your business model, but what is essential is that the content is relevant, up to date and works towards your business goals.

Producing vast amounts of content with vague similarities once worked to propel websites to the top of internet searches, but this is no longer the case.

Core updates within Google and other search engines ensure quality and cohesiveness within website content.

But how do you find what works for your business, what is the competition doing and for what are your customers searching?

Advanced keyword research using the latest tools and strategies will allow you to answer these questions and thus create the kind type of content market that ensures your website and business are a success.

Keyword Research and CreatorSEO:

CreatorSEO works with our clients to provide detailed keyword analysis and content ideas that you can use to generate content for your business.

We minimise the time you need to spend on keyword research and provide you with detailed segmented keyword and long-form phrases that can be incorporated into your content marketing strategy. The information we research, analyse, compile and produce for our customers can be used for content creation, product line development and subject areas that may be of use to your business.

You will find not all suggested keywords will be successful and that previous content may not be as powerful as you once thought.

Our keyword research improves your chances of success, provides you will valuable insights into powerful keywords and content ideas and saves you both time and money.

How can you use Keyword research in your content marketing?

Content marketing in conjunction with powerful keyword research from CreatorSEO will ensure:

  • You have a back catalogue of relevant content ready to publish or produce.
  • Your in-house marketers, copywriters and freelance professionals can use long-form keywords, phrases and search queries to create the content that your audience is searching for.
  • Keyword research ensures you are producing the right type of content. It ensures your website is cohesive.
  • That all you content complements one another.
  • It can help you create product lines and services that may be of benefit to your customers.


Keyword research is not simply finding words to put into your content, it is:

  • Discovering SEO patterns and word combinations that your competition is ranking for and more importantly that your customers or clients are searching for.
  • It involves analysing your website and that of your competition to find areas of improvement or missing content. This will help you create new content and/or improve existing content.
  • CreatorSEO groups specific information into useful segments so you can work on the areas that are the best fit for your business. This includes word combinations, difficulty rating, word use frequency and much more.


Keyword research is the first step in creating powerful content to drive visitors to a site.

For content marketers not utilising keyword research is a non-starter. Content must be created that adheres to your brand and follows search engine best practices. Without this, your marketing strategy is doomed to fail.


Conducting keyword Research with CreatorSEO:

There are some very basic strategies that all types of marketers can employ to conduct their keyword research. This often takes the form of very basic google searches and viewing of the competition.

Other methods involve the use of powerful tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs etc. This is good to a point if you can understand the information and how to use it accordingly.

Using the services and strategies of CreaterSEO however, will provide you with far more tangible and useful information that simply cannot be undertaken by most business and website owners.

The proof can be seen in the results that we supply, the breakdown of information and the reports generated for you.

Our Process:

Our keyword research process involves gleaning basic information from your business, such as suggested target keywords, competitor lists and the geographic area that you wish to target.

This ensures our results have a strong base, the correct locality and that we can provide accurate segmented information that will allow you to create content.

Our keyword research results can be used to create pillar content, improve existing content and supplement many other areas of your marketing strategy.

From print media to video and of course online written content, keyword research can play a vital role in helping you create the content marketing strategy that will capture the right audience.

Why you need to use Keyword Research:

Whether you are a novice website owner or a long-established marketing brand, the information that can be gleaned from keyword research can always come in useful.

You may not be in a position to create certain articles right away, but they can be planned for in the future.

The CreaterSEO team will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the information that we gather, and you can then use this in any way you see fit.

Keyword research information is used by marketers, content creators and business owners to generate ideas, produce the most relevant content and avoid unhelpful content production.

Keyword research bolsters other marketing areas and can be used for advertising and SEO.

By working with CreatorSEO you will save enormous amounts of time within the research area and receive the highest quality and most actionable information.

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