9 B2B lead generation strategies

You will find that many lead strategies used in B2Care the very same as those used in B2B. The key difference of course, is the end consumer and specifically how you word and market to those people in business who matter. The way you form your message through word, video and conversation must fit the demographic you are aiming to convert into customers.

In this piece, we are going to look at 9 B2B lead generation strategies that can work for your business. Some you have no doubt seen before, but others may be new and fit perfectly with your business model.

Content Marketing:

One of the oldest lead generation starting out there is content marketing. This can vary from a blog to a newsletter or a simple Facebook post. The aim here is to provide valuable, shareable and digestible information that those in business can use or pass along to those who can.

Make CTA, place affiliate links or give out valuable information that makes the reader think about your product or service. The most important thing here is to vary the type of content you provide. Don’t get complacent as it will bore those viewing your content.


Search engine optimisation should be a cornerstone of most of the content you create, however, it is not always possible. SEO allows you to rank higher in internet search results meaning business can find your webpage easily.

Learning SEO can be done in house and it is something you should consider when starting a new business. Countless digital marketing agencies can also assist you with SEO services. CreatorSEO is the leading SEO company in Ireland.

By ranking high within searches, you will have an endless supply of leads that find you.


The professional’s social network, LinkedIn is an amazing B2B source of leads for your business. Its simple search function allows you to search businesses, by name, location or through job title.

By setting up a professional business and personal profile you can interact with colleagues and those from various industries. Company reports and newsletters published on LinkedIn are great resources to find out the latest trends in the business world and how you can help within that area. 

Also checkout leads5050 for B2B lead visitor identification.

Live chat:

One of the most popular and interactive ways of gaining new leads from business involves the use of live chat. Instead of waiting for a visitor to make an action in which you respond, live chat allows you to take the initiative. This is a great way to build up trust between your company and those interested in you. Happy customers often remain loyal and having almost instant communication is one of the best ways to do this.

Live chat does not have to be solely based upon website visitors but can include email, Slack, WhatsApp etc. If there is someone to answer the query ASAP you can almost guarantee continued business.

Get Creative with Cold Emails:

One of the hardest, but also one of the most successful lead generation tactics is through Cold emailing. Most importantly emailing which is targeted at the right businesses or person. Cold emailing takes research and time. But when made done personably and to the right contact, the rewards can get great.

Don’t send generic emails that can be classed as Spam, keep them short and to the point and make what you have to offer to stand out. Cold emailing allows you to skip unnecessary levels of communication and get right to the decision-makers once you have the right target.

Out of Stock:

You may think that having a potential customer land on your page when your out of stock to be a bad thing. But this is also another way to gain more leads. If you have done great marketing through Content, Ads or other channels then you have done most of the work.

If you are out of stock you can gain contact information by adding a simple form in which to collect contact details. Use this to inform them when new stock is available and to send them further promotions. Rather than losing a client, you have gained a lead to work on.

Target Your Competitors’ Audience:

We have already touched on the use of email in gaining new leads, but did you know Gmail allows you to target your competitor’s audience?

Email is still the number one form of communication within B2B dealings and so having the ability to gain leads through targeted ads is a great opportunity.

Gmail ads allow you to target people who have received emails from your competitors. This gives you open access to those who are already interested in your product or who may have been past customers looking for a new Businesses opportunity. Create eye-catching ad headlines which set you apart from your competition and you have a potential goldmine of new leads and customers.

Create incentives:

This is a more traditional approach to lead generation but by providing incentives such as discounts, free downloads, first viewing opportunities you provide motivation and a reason for businesses to give you there contact information.

Pop-up boxes on your webpage, links within emails or newsletters or contact forms are easy to manage.

Ad Placement:

An option for larger companies with the opportunity to spend money, ad placement is a great way to churn out more leads. But you must always consider where your audience is and where to place your ads. This can be through Google, Facebook, YouTube or a host of other platforms.

To ensure you are not wasting money market research into your audience must be done properly to ensure that you are getting the highest ROI. For example, did you know that a study by HubSpot showed that 74% of respondents conducted some type of professional business through Facebook.

As you can see there are a huge array of ways to Generate B2B leads. Bed creative and use multiple platforms to ensure you have the best chance of landing the leads that turn into real customers.

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