Ranking Performance Plugin Demo

Below are some of the results that are generated by the Website Ranking Performance and Competitor Rank Tracking Plugin. These results are created on the page using shortcodes. The plugin is however not really intended for front-end display as it is a tool that allows website owners and marketing experts to measure the performance of their website and to identify and track competitors in their web search space.

These results and more are available from the plugin menu in the WordPress Dashboard. More about this WordPress plugin can be found on the HUB5050.com plugin page. The plugin can be found in the WordPress Plugin Library as Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking.

This WordPress ranking performance software adds to our SEO tools and further builds on our objective of empowering website users to improve their web presence and build websites that enhance the users’ experience.

[hub_ract_display_rank_table engine=’google’]

Market Leaders in the Search Space


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