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The WordPress Plugin Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking allows users to monitor their ranking position on a scale similar to the ranking on Google and on Bing search engines. This measure of ranking performance provides an indication of how well the search term (or phrase) is performing on the major search engines.

If you can’t measure it, You can’t improve it! Peter Drucker

An indication of performance also is vital  to any Search Engine Optimisation or Improvement program. The Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking WordPress plugin provides a continual assessment of ranking performance thereby allowing the SEO specialist to confirm any improvements or verify the value of any changes made.

Hub5050 Ranking and Competitor Tracking on WordPress

Once installed, the site administrator will need to add a list of key phrases (keywords) that need to be tracked for the site as well as a list of competitors that will also be evaluated.

Ranking tests will be carried out on a regular basis and the results can be viewed in the site dashboard. The latest ranking results are displayed in a table and trend charts showing the ranking performance over a period of time (since the plugin was installed) are shown in line charts. More detailed results can be seen on the hub6060.com site.

Ranking table from Hub5050 Competitor Ranking Plugin
Ranking Trend Charts from Hub5050 Competitor Ranking Plugin
Top Contenders for the selected Search Phrases

Ranking Performance

A Market Leader Map is included with the WordPress Plugin. This doughnut chart shows the top contenders for the keywords entered by the site administrator. These are the real organic / search competitors and these may or may not align with the perceived competitors listed in the plugin setup.

Clearly the list of key phrases entered is very important to the results obtained and therefore it is essential to take the time to carefully choose these. Also, the data captured by the plugin becomes more valuable with time as more points are added to the charts and more data is turned into SEO intelligence that can be used as part of any improvement project.

Other SEO tables and features also are available from the hub5050.com website. The plugin is free to install and use. Detailed results on the hub5050 website require the user to register on the hub5050 site.

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