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Our SEO Training

SEO Strategy

We can teach you best practices in putting together your SEO strategy. What to include and will drive best results.

Local SEO Training

We can help you implement an SEO strategy that drives and delivers results. This SEO training is the ideal for advertising a physical location and engaging locally .

International SEO Training

International SEO is never easy. We can help you understand international SEO and take you through the requirements to promote and sell worldwide.

Technical SEO Training

In our technical SEO training sessions we will teach you about the search foundations needed to scale.

Ecommerce SEO Training

We can help you with your Ecommerce SEO. From our Ecommerce SEO Training find out, how to get clicks, drive conversions, and increase sales on your website.

SEO Analytics Training

You probably use Google Analytics and Google Search Console on your website. Do you make full use of these? We can teach you how to make the most of these essential tools for SEO.

Keyword Research

Our SEO keyword researcher team will engage with you and show you how to identify which terms will drive the best traffic for your business.

On-Page SEO Training

Let our experienced SEO trainers / consultants help you to understand and implement your On-Page SEO. It’s all about consistency.

    Link Building Training

    Get hands-on SEO training from our SEO specialists. Learn how to identify and get inbound links to your website.


    Content Marketing

    Content is still king in the online world. We can show how to you generate new engaging content for pages, blogs, and so on.

    Social Media and SEO

    Do you need social media and can social media contribute to your web presence? Let us show you how social media can be used to build your web presence and brand awareness.

    PPC Training

    We can train you on how to manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Google, Facebook or LinkedIn paid search campaigns are an integral part of any online marketing project.

    How we do our SEO Training

    Training programs offering one to one SEO classes for

    • business owners
    • marketing professionals
    • entrepreneurs
    • SEO implementers


    In our classroom

    At your office

    What you get

     You get the SEO knowledge to beat your competition. Our SEO training experts will share their knowledge and know-how to help improve your search rankings.

    After your training you can expect get:


      More Traffic

      As your ranking positions improves, you will start to see an increase in the number of website visitors.


      More Leads

      We focus on the keywords that your customers are more likely to use.


      More Revenue

      The increase in targeted visitors and increased traffic should bring more engaged customers.


      Increased Brand Awareness

      With improved ranking positions, your brand becomes more prominent.


      Increased Growth

      New traffic, better quality visitors and brand awareness all provide growth opportunities.


      More Trust and Authority

      When you are at the top of the search results, your customers will see you as the authority.

      Enterprise Ireland - SEO Training - SEO Training Ireland

      Enterprise Ireland Approved

      Enterprise Ireland are aware of the tremendous value of Internet Marketing and SEO to training. A grant is available to EI clients in Ireland to help cover the costs of Internet Marketing and SEO.

      CreatorSEO™ is an Enterprise Ireland approved and recommended Internet Marketing company and is on the Enterprise Ireland panel of ICT / eBusiness Trainers and Advisers.

      CreatorSEO also are on the panel of presenters at the Enterprise Ireland Digital Marketing Roadshow held in locations throughout Ireland about 4 times every year.

      Contact us if you are a company in Ireland and would like to find out about whether you are eligible for a grant for Internet Marketing and SEO ….

      Answers to Your Questions

      What is typically included in the SEO training course?

      SEO Course Content could include:
      - What is search engine optimisation?
      - The top 5 search engine ranking factors
      - What to expect from an SEO campaign
      - The importance of the Google Page Rank system
      - Common SEO mistakes
      - What is Black Hat SEO?
      - Setting realistic goals and timescales for SEO campaigns
      - Creating a search engine friendly website
      - Selecting the right Keywords/phrases
      - SEO copywriting techniques
      - Effective use of internal text links
      - Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics
      - Google site maps, how to create and submit an XML sitemap
      - Website geographic targeting
      - Understanding your website traffic sources
      - Using the Google Toolbar
      - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      - Link building and why it is so important | Finding new links: Off-Page optimisation techniques
      - Researching your competitors for link opportunities
      - What is viral marketing?
      - What not to do
      - SEO campaign planning and setting priorities

      What are the SEO training course objectives?

      - Getting higher search engine rankings for your keywords/phrases
      - Building links professionally
      - Understanding your competition
      - Developing your SEO strategy
      - Measuring SEO performance
      - Auditing your own website

      What is the aim of the SEO training course?

      The CreatorSEO search engine optimisation training course concentrates on building your SEO skills and knowledge. The aim of this SEO training course is to improve your organic search engine rankings. The course is hands-on,  practical, interesting and interactive with minimal references to web jargon!

      Who will benefit from our SEO training?

      Those who want to understand or manage their own SEO campaigns.

      You will receive expert training in SEO methods and leave with clear strategies to start improving your online visibility and results right away. Our SEO training courses will benefit anyone who owns or works on a website where:

      • You need search engine positioning skills to market your own website
      • You want to increase your knowledge of search engine optimisation
      • Company owners/managers need to oversee SEO work on their websites
      • Managers want to start/improve their a search engine marketing strategy
      • Website developers / designers who want to offer search engine friendly sites to their customers
      • Traditional marketing firms who want to offer expanded services for online marketing

      Our training services include teaching companies (small and large) about the importance of on going search engine optimisation for their website. Our SEO coaches will provide you with the know-how to optimise your website.

      Data, Information and Knowledge from the audit and SEO KPI’s:

      All the information obtained during the SEO strategy engagement will be treated with the utmost sensitivity. Your data and information will only be shared within CreatorSEO or with agreed individuals.

      We will sign and send you a non disclosure agreement once we start working with you.

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