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Get a competitor backlink analysis compiled by our Ireland’s leading SEO Experts

Identify backlink opportunities and get unique recommendations for your site.

Our competitor backlink analysis identifies both your website nd completitor website backlinks. The better your backlins, the better your webpages will perform on Google.

The competitor backlink analysis – allows you to see exactly which links your competitors are getting. Content creators and advertisers rely on this information to focus on getting high quality links to their websites.

  • Find high-performing links
  • Find missed opportunities
  • Find the terms that ae used in anchor text
  • Report sent in Excel for ease of searching
  • Get hundreds/thousands of potential links
  • Data segmented into relevant groups

    The competitor links analysis – competitor links report offers you insight into which links don’t work for your business and which linkss could do better than you thought. Choosing the right links and obtaining these properly will help your SEO ranking and also improve your click trough rate (CTR). Use the competitor links analysis – competitor links report to identify new link opportunities with high potential.


    • Delivery Time: 5 working days
    • Number of Competitors Researched: 5
    • Number of potential links analysed and segmented: Hundreds/Thousands

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        Unique SEO Competitor Backlink Analysis – Presented to you by our SEO experts

        What you get


        Analysis provided in Excel


        • You website backloinks analysed
        • Your competitor backlinks analysed
        • High back link opportunities identified
        • Gap analysis
        • Recommendations

          Competitor comparisons


          Actionable recommendations


          Presentation and discussion of findings (if needed)

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          Answers to Your Questions

          What is website loading speed?

          Depending on who you talk to, page speed can be described in either of 'page load time' or 'time to first byte'. Page load time is the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page Time to first byte is how long it takes for a browser to receive the first byte of information from the web server.

          What is an SEO audit?

          An SEO audit is the process of analysing how well your website performs against your competition and search engine requirements. Your SEO audit will help identify low hanging fruit and allow you to plan your roadmap of actions. Your SEO audit should include your website speed audit.

          What to expect during and after an website speed audit?

          As mentioned, a website speed audit on average takes 4 working days. During this time our SEO experts will analyse your website and document the findings and recommendations. We will need access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

          After the website speed audit has been completed, your team will be invited to a zoom presentation of the findings. During this presentation, we will talk through the findings and recommendations.

          Data, Information and Knowledge from the SEO Audit:

          All the information obtained during the SEO audit will be treated with the utmost sensitivity. Your data and information will only be shared within CreatorSEO or with agreed individuals.

          We will sign and send you a non disclosure agreement once we start working with you.

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