Website Analytics and Reporting | Web Analysis

Website analytics and reports can provide actionable insights for your web marketing campaigns. Web analytics data, allows you to measure the effectiveness of your web marketing and identify areas for improvement.

If you don’t measure it then you won’t improve it

We configure, monitor and provide Google Analytics integration as standard. We augment the Google Analytics results with our in-house developed analytics tools to provide detailed, accurate and meaningful analysis of your website and online campaigns.

CreatorSEO™ delivers exceptional internet marketing results while making both process and information transparent for our clients.

Web page and site Analytics

Sample metrics / KPI’s

Visitors Number of visitors / Number of new visitors by day/week/month.
Pages viewed Which are the most popular pages viewed by visitors to your site.
Referring sources Where is the traffic from your site coming from: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and so on.
Rankings Search engine rankings for key search terms in specified geographies.
Cost Per Click Cost Per Click (CPC) monitoring for Paid advertising campaigns.
Conversion Rates Number sales / prospects tracking for each internet marketing campaign.
Followers/Fans Growth in followers/fans from social media sites tracking over time.

CreatorSEO (SEO Company Ireland) will help drive traffic to your site and enhance your online reputation.

Google Analytics Methodology

Our proven Google Analytics process is typically broken in to the following steps:

  • Agree Key performance Indicators (KPI’s);
  • Document KPI’s, measures of success, goals and so on;
  • Set-up / configuration of Analyics;
  • Train users to get the most out of Analytics information.