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Content and Localisation

Creating captivating content, whether it is text, video or interactive, is a big step towards creating a great website

Content Creation

Content is as the heart of any website. The content needs to be original and informative. Google uses this content to rank key terms for search so it is important that the content meets certain criteria that are set by Google.

However, the user experience is very important and therefore there is a balance between ensuring that your content can be found (on Google) and that the content makes useful reading for your visitors.

CreatorSEO™ can provide the service of providing excellent content based on your knowledge and target audience and we also can localise this information for other markets.

Search Engine Friendly and Link-bait Content

When we review website content we may well recommend some additional content for your site. This is usually based on gaps in your content to improve search engine rankings. We also offer expert help with the creation of content that connects with users and search engines alike. Contact us today to find out more.

Linkbait is one of the best ways engage with visitors and to attract natural links to your website. Linkbait is about creating funny, engaging or simply useful resources and promoting them in the right places. The content must be original and must add some value for other sites to want to refer the article and create links to it.

We can help you create targeted linkbait content that drives visitors to your website.

Social Media and Blogging

Using social media and blogs are an easy way to get fresh content on your site or to promote your content to a wide audience. We also can provide the tools that allow you to monitor your Social Media impact and to respond to leads and prospects that visit your site from Social Media.

Small businesses often don’t have the time to dedicate to social media or blogging, while larger businesses may prefer to outsource their writing to an expert. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with the right content for your needs.

Multilingual Copy-writing

Contact us for more information.

Localisation of Content

Localisation of content is much more than simply translating pages and presenting these on the web. Localisation should be about presenting content to people in a way that builds confidence and trust; is found by these potential new customers and leads to increased Sales or engagement with the website.

There are different types of localisation and there are many aspects that need to be considered when localising content.

Types (Scenarios)

  • Contracting the market
  • Expanding the market

You can find out more about each of these localisation types our blog article An Introduction to Content Localisation.


There are a number of elements to localisation of which translation is only one. While translation serves a purpose of engaging and gaining rapport with the visitor, you first have to get the content to the visitor before you can engage. Many of the Elements listed below help to promote the content in the region

  1. Translation
  2. Content for the locality
  3. Keywords for search optimisation
  4. Preventing duplicate content
  5. Ensuring that meta-data is correct
  6. Selecting a sub-domain or sub-directory approach
  7. Selecting the right hosting infrastructure
  8. Using search engine resources
  9. Including local testimonials
  10. Using the correct contact information

An Introduction to Content Localisation give some insight into each of the Elements.

CreatorSEO™ will be happy to discuss your requirements if you are interested in extending your reach or focusing in on a particular market or region.


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