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Adwords or Organic Marketing

Adwords or Organic Marketing

Organic Search is here to stay There are people that advocate that the only reliable way to market your website is through Paid Adverts (PPC). These same people then come up with ridiculous phrases like: 'Free traffic goes bye-bye' or 'The savviest marketers know how...

SEO in Ireland

SEO in Ireland

Traditionally, business in Ireland relied largely on word-of-mouth and their private network for their success. Who you know and who they know was vital to the growth of your business. When you needed a service or a product, your 'search engine' was likely to be the...

WordPress Maintenance Ireland

WordPress Maintenance Ireland

In a previous article on Wordpress Maintenance, we discussed importance of keeping your Wordpress system up to date with the latest plugins and the latest version of the Wordpress software (CMS). Our experience with clients in Ireland shows that in the vast majority...

WordPress Maintenance

Wordpress is the leading Content Management System Wordpress is without dispute the leading Content Management System (CMS) chosen for websites worldwide. It is known to be used by more than 60% of all websites on the Internet 1. Like most successful products on the...

Building Links

What are some effective techniques for building links? Watch this video from Google with Matt Cutts. The methods covered are: Great content leads to links Controversy - write controversial articles and uncork a good rant once in a while; Participate in the community...

SEO a Brief Overview of the Basics

Audience, Elevator pitch and Marketing message Before you begin any SEO / Internet marketing campaign you must select your keywords / phrases. Sounds simple, so what do you need to do? Follow this process as a guide to getting your Keywords right and beat your...

SEO Strategy – Define your Audience

So, how do most people go about their SEO? A lot of people jump straight in to optimizing their websites by: adding content, choosing the right keywords and getting as many links as possible Then they usually find that they are not getting the hits (visits) they...

Clicks, clicks, clicks…

Selections / Clicks for a typical Search Engine Query Every day, millions of people use search engines like Google and Bing to find information. They type into the search query box ‘keywords/phrases’: what they are looking for and select "Search." They then read down...

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