Adwords or Organic Marketing

Organic Search is here to stay

There are people that advocate that the only reliable way to market your website is through Paid Adverts (PPC). These same people then come up with ridiculous phrases like: ‘Free traffic goes bye-bye‘ or ‘The savviest marketers know how to BUY advertising real estate better than their competitors. Squatters will always get evicted eventually‘. I don’t buy any of this and have deliberately not included a citation against these quotes because the people that come up with this nonsense do not deserve a back-link or any publicity from this post.

Both Organic Ranking and PPC have a place in Search

Google’s success is driven by the accuracy and quality of their organic search results. Paid search does not fall into this category, it is merit by quantity of available funds and not quality of content. Clearly Paid search ranking does have a purpose, it funds Google to do more of the good work and grows the Google share value.

Google are well aware of all this and the day that they push paid search above organic search is the day that you should very quickly sell any shares in Google (before they become worthless).

I would go so far as to say that Organic Search and PPC rely on each other and have a symbiotic relationship. Take away Organic and people will move to other search engines; Take away PPC and Google will no longer have the funding to justify search development.

Organic-Search and Pay-Per-Click will continue to live in harmony for the foreseeable future



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