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WordPress Support Ireland

Every WordPress installation needs to be maintained and it is essential to that Backups of the site are taken at regular intervals and the software and plugins are kept up to date to secure the site against malicious hacking attempts.

WordPress Maintenance / Support Ireland

Every Wordpress installation needs to be maintained and it is essential to that Backups of the site are taken at regular intervals and the software and plugins are kept up to date to secure the site against malicious hacking attempts. CreatorSEO provides a WordPress support service that takes the hassle out of maintaining your site and provides the peace-of-mind that your site is maintained and is as secure as possible. Our options and prices are listed below:

Why do I need WordPress Support?

WordPress is the market leading Content Management System (CMS) available on the web. The ease of use and availability of tools and resources make WordPress the obvious choice when it comes to building a presence on the Internet. As is frequently the case with market leading software products, WordPress is the target of malicious hackers who try to compromise the website and gain access for their own reasons. In order to prevent malicious hackers accessing your website, it is important to keep the CMS, the themes and any plugins up to date. It is essential also to implement malware removal tools and to take precautions to prevent spam.

The real cost of a site being compromised by a malicious hacker can be very high to the site owner especially if the owners’ business relies on the site and if backups are available to restore the site when problems arise. It is expensive to recreate a website, complicated to restore a backup and time consuming which can be disastrous for the business.

These malicious hackers rely on the fact that most website owners will not have the technical expertise to secure the system and ensure that gaps are closed as these arise. Therefore, is is relatively easily for these hackers to find vulnerabilities that they can and do exploit.

CreatorSEO identified a need in the market for an expert service to help website owners to maintain their web site and to ensure that support is available should issues arise. Our WordPress Support package (*) offers backup and security support in addition to preventative maintenance.

Contact us today for the peace of mind that your WordPress Site will be well maintained and take away the hassle of having to remember to maintain the site every few days.

(*) ABCDigital.ie is a CreatorSEO company for WordPress Support and Digital Marketing in Ireland.


What is a *Standard Site?

As the size and functionality of every website is different, the prices above refer to a regular (standard) website which we define as follows: single language site, up to 25 pages, up to 200 images, up to 100 blog posts, less than 15 supported plugins and a supported theme. ‘Supported’ plugins and themes are those plugins and themes that are regularly maintained by the author and kept up to date. Unsupported or bespoke themes and plugins run the risk compatibility and security issues over time as these are not kept up to date. It is also worth noting that the more plugins used, the more potential entry-points for hackers to compromise the site. We therefore recommend to clients that they carefully evaluate any plugins before installation and limit these to essential plugins.

Prior to accepting any maintenance / support contract, we perform a quick audit of the website to establish whether the prices listed apply of if additional charges need to be applied or additional conditions included to cover the risks. There is no charge for the support audit. A small additional charge will be included for non standard websites based on the size of the site and the level of additional maintenance required for the site.


The nature of the internet is such that any site can be compromised (hacked) irrespective of the level of maintenance applied or the tools installed. The best that any site owner can do to reduce the risks of a site being compromised is to keep the site up to date, to install security tools and to keep backups of the site content. While we will regularly maintain our client sites and will keep backups (according to the plan chosen), we cannot accept liability for any loss of data or for a site being compromised (hacked). Our maximum liability for loss of content, inconvenience, lost revenue or site down time is capped at €1.

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