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Website Review

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Website assessments and recommendations are an integral part of all SEO projects. Compare your site to your competition and identify the areas you need to improve to outrank them.

At CreatorSEO, we offer SEO assessments to meet your needs.

Our SEO Audit is offered as a stand-alone or short-term engagement.

What you get in a Website /  SEO Audit:

We look at your website’s indexation of content on the web as well as the overall authority your content holds in search results, thus, how much visibility your content has. We also compare this to the competitors in your keyword themes to assess if you are at an advantage or disadvantage. This inspection also helps to portray a monetary value of the opportunity in Organic Search.

Keyword Strategy Review – Website Review

In the website review, our team will review your presence in search results to assess whether your results are aligned with the right keyword focused terms. We will review where your on-line competitors rank!

Site Design

We look at the site design from a marketing perspective, which will cover:

  • Home page. First impression – what message do we get? How informative is the home page? Does it set the proper context for visitors? How fast does it load?
  • Navigation. Is it easy-to-use? Is the global navigation consistent from page to page? Is local navigation used? Is it consistent?
  • Site organisation. Is the site organisation intuitive, easy to understand and easy to follow?
  • Readability. Is the font easy to read? Are line lengths acceptable? Is the site easy to scan, with chunked information, or is it just solid blocks of text?
  • Performance. Overall, will pages load slowly or quickly? Are graphics and applications like search and multimedia presentations optimised?


Content – Website Audit

We will carry out an on-page review of the content of your site. In the website audit, we wil review intended keywords across:

  • URL’s
  • Page Titles
  • Page Descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • Headers
  • Page Content
  • Alt Tags
  • Internal links
  • Out going links

We will audit in line with the agreed search engine guidelines and best practices.

Technical SEO and Website Assessment

This SEO and website assessment reviews the site for any issues around indexing of your websites content by the search engines. Our technical SEO and website assessment includes:

  • website infrastructure
  • IP blacklist assessment
  • non-indexed content
  • site / page load speed
  • error page discovery
  • sitemaps and indexing
  • robots.txt assessment
  • canonical links implementation
  • redirects and impact on speed
  • base security / risk assessment

Competitive Analysis

We can review the agreed main competitors sites to analyse their weaknesses and document your potential opportunities in organic search results.

CreatorSEO is on the Enterprise Ireland Panel of ICT/eBusiness Trainers and Advisers and regularly speak at Enterprise Ireland Internet marketing events.

Sample Website review Contents listing: click the link below:

Website Review Contents listing


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