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Our Social Media Services

Marketing strategy

We can help you build your strategy and put together roadmap of action. We will assess your needs, outline opportunities for improvement and develop a plan for long-term social media success.

Implementation guidelines

We can help you implement your strategy. We will work with you to ensure the integrity of your brand and best practices for future development and communication on appropriate social media channels.


We can carry out an in depth analysis of your presence across the various social mediums. The audit will include current baseline measurements and recommendations for improvement.

Competitive analysis

Do you know what your competition are doing? We can identify their social media success / impact, presence, activity, videos, and blogs to help you to compete in your social media market.

Social profile creation

We can identify the social networks where you should be participating and where people are talking about you. We can also help you create and manage your own profiles to attract visitors and achieve your on-line goals.


We can identify the tools that you can use to make your social media interaction more effective. These tools will allow you to schedule posts, automate responses and measure your performance against competitors.

Social Media Ireland

Social media is a very dynamic means of engaging with clients and enticing new visitors to your website. The reach of social media is worldwide and provides one of the most effective means of engaging with people in your own location or from other walks of life.

The message is instantaneous, but there is so much information on every Social Channel that your message will only be seen if people are aware of you or if you content is engaging and reaches them at the right time. Therefore location is very important because people look at social media at different times of the day and if you don’t send your message at the right time, it may be missed.

CreatorSEO are an SEO Ireland company. We are based in Dublin, Limerick and County Clare and have a very good understanding of the way that Social Media works in Ireland. We can help you to develop a plan for when to post, which social channels to use, how to optimise your content for your audience and what to do to get potential clients to engage with you.

Social Media - SEO Ireland

Our Strategy

Social media services will identify the social media channels most used to talk about your company or service, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.

Through our audit, competitive analysis, and strategic guidance, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of your social media profile and suggest how you can successfully drive visitors to your site through your social presence.

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  3. We will help you understand digital marketing and an have open and honest discussions on what will work for your business.

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