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SEO Pricing (Ireland)

Pricing guidelines for SEO in Ireland – Prices may be different depending on the complexity of the site

SEO Pricing / Quotations

Pricing / quotations for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are dependent on a number of criteria. Including:

  • The size of the website (number of pages and amount of content on each page);
  • Number of ranking terms specified by the client;
  • The technology used (Content Management System, Hosting Type etc.);
  • Ease of access to the site;
  • Level to which the site is already optimised at the start of the project;
  • Other client requirements (e.g. site move, site redirection, disavowing etc.).

Consequently, quotations are done on a case-by-case basis and usually after a pre-assessment has been carried out. The pre-assessment takes the form of a website audit. The price of the audit is dependent on the scope of the assessment and the clients requirements.

CreatorSEO™ also offers a few pre-defined work packages that are tailored for smaller websites and once-off Search Engine Optimisation in order to ensure that the basics are in place. These packages usually include a short training module to allow the client to continue to maintain the site after the work package is completed. The work packages have a clearly defined scope and any work outside the scope of the work package is charged for on an hourly rate basis.

Standard Packages

Pre-SEO Audit

Website audit is a pre-requisite of any professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) project as outlined above. The audit process evaluates the website in detail in order to understand the areas of focus for the subsequent SEO work and the extent of the work. In the absence of an SEO audit, the SEO work cannot be effective as the person implementing the SEO would be effectively blind to the requirements of the SEO work. Also the SEO audit provides a baseline against which any subsequent improvement from an SEO project can be measured thereby allowing the client to see the value of the project.

Our website audit covers the following primary areas:

  • Website configuration and validation
  • Keyword assessment for primary landing pages
  • Link assessment and link value assessment
  • Readability evaluation
  • Competitor assessment
  • Social presence assessment

Price: from €550 excl.
Price depends on the size of the website and the optimisation requirements

WordPress Base SEO Implementation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is of key importance to large and small websites because a website owner will never realise the full potential of the website if it cannot be found by main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

There is no quick SEO implementation and an effective implementation can take years and can be prohibitively expensive for small companies and small private businesses. However, there are a number of basic steps that if implemented correctly, using the right tools will go a long way towards getting the website found on the internet.

Our WordPress base SEO package is intended to meet this need. We will implement a set of tools on your WordPress site, ensure that the site is configured correctly and provide the basic training you need to optimise your website by yourself.

The package includes:

  • Implement WordPress tool suite (SEO, Maintenance, Security);
  • Configure the website (up to 3 landing pages);
  • Set up Search Console / Webmaster tools (Google and Bing);
  • Set up Google Analytics;
  • Provide 1.5 hours training;
  • Set up Google Places (optional extra);
  • Additional training (optional extra);

The package does not include:

  • Writing of new content

Price: €450 excl.

URL Rewriting – Maintaining rank after a site move

Sometimes it is necessary to transfer your website to a new domain or hosting provider due to strategic decisions, growth, re-branding or technology requirements. Alternatively, web pages may be re-named, split or re-grouped when a website is re-vamped. This may be a relatively straightforward process for your developer to carry out. However, too often the owner of the site will find that their hard-earned ranking on major websites like Google, Bing and Yahoo! is lost when the site is transferred or the pages are renamed. This can have major implications to sales, visits to the site, conversions etc. and this in turn could be very costly to the business.

Our Domain transfer package involves providing and implementing the technology needed to as far as possible ensure that the hard-earned ranking value transfers with the site and any major reconfiguration of the website or transfer of the domain does not adversely affect the ranking of the pages.

Please note that for most effective results we should be involved in the transfer process before the developer makes any major changes. The changes made by us are of a technical nature and access to the back-end web server is usually required.

Price: €400 excl. for up to 30 pages plus €10 per page thereafter

Technical Audit

All to often poor performance may be related to the infrastructure that is in place for a website. This performance can have an impact on speed, security and hence on ranking performance. A bad infrastructure will lead to a bad user experience (UX) and will make it virtually impossible to improve the site ranking (SERP).

Our website technical audit covers the following primary areas:

  • Infrastructure – Review of Server, Operating System, Software versions, Technology, SSL;
  • Hosting – Review of infrastructure and set-up of the hosting platform;
  • IP sharing – Mainly for shared hosting reviews security and speed impact from other shared / co-hosted sites;
  • Redirects and Errors – State of health of the page ‘address book’;
  • Base security – Low level security scan to check for any obvious areas of concern;
  • Site Speed Testing – Various speed tests focused on geographical regions to identify bottle necks.

Price: from €700 excl.
Price depends on the size of the website, localisation, ease of access to hosting

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