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Website Localisation Audit

A Technical review


The website localisation audit – a technical review allows you to see exactly how your website is performing in other geographies..


How well is your website localised:

    • Delivery Time: 4 working days
    • Number of Geographies: 5
    • Report segmented in to relevant groups and provided in PDF format

Website Localisation Audit - a Technical Review

How are you performing across different geographies?


The website localisation audit - a technical review allows you to see exactly in which counties you could perform well on Google. Content creators and advertisers rely on this report to optimise content on their websites for different countries.

    • Identify missed opportunities
    • Find the out if the flags are set correctly for the search engines
    • Meta data is reviewed
    • NAPs is checked
    • Speed tests carried out
    • Report sent in PDF
    • Information sorted into relevant sections
    • Recommendations


The website localisation audit - a technical review offers you insights into how your website is set-up for different geographies and what are the opportunities do better than you thought. Implementing international sites/pages properly will help your SEO ranking and also improve your click trough rate (CTR). 


    • Delivery Time: 4 working days
    • Google geographies analysed: 5

Before we can start, we need


Once we have received your order, we will contact you to get the following information to start our analysis:

  • Your URL (website address) or base URL
  • 1 Target country
  • 5 competitor URL’s
  • A list of 10 to 20 search terms you believe customers are using to find your products and/or services

Once we have received this information, we can then start the analysis.

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