Digital Marketing Audit


Digital Marketing Audit

with Grouped Keyword Data


The digital marketing audit report allows you to see exactly how you are performing digitally compared to your competition. Get actionable solutions to enhance your digital marketing performance:

  • Audit includes:

– Website Audit
– SEO Audit
– SEM and Paid Media Audit
– Social Media Audit
– Email Marketing Audit

  • Delivery Time: 15 working days
  • 80+ Page Report
  • Execution and results detailed with actionable recommendations

Digital Marketing Audit 

Digital marketing audit looking at your performance versus your competition


The digital marketing  audit allows you to see exactly how you are performing digitally versus your competition. Find the search terms your customers are using on Google. Our report will give you actionable recommendations to enhance your digital performance. It will review a range of digital areas:

    • Website structure and usability
    • Google business
    • Find the terms that were searched by a significant number of users
    • On-page SEO versus your competition
    • Off-page SEO competitor review
    • Website speed analysis
    • Ranking performance and opportunities
    • Current phrases being picked up by Google (10 pages)
    • Technical infrastructure review
    • Analytics review
    • PPC Ad performance
    • Social competition


The digital marketing audit offers you insights into what is working for your business and identifies areas for improvement. Choosing the right search terms and implementing properly will help your SEO ranking and also improve your click through rate (CTR). Fixing on-page SEO issues, will help your search terms rank better and drive more traffic and business.


    • Delivery Time: 15 working days
    • Data source: Google
    • Google geographies analysed: 1
    • Number of Competitors Researched: 5
    • Number of base terms provided by you: 10 to 20

Table of contents


1.1 Study Assumptions and Market Definition
1.2 Scope of the Study



4.1 URL Renewal
4.2 Trust and Benefits
4.3 Navigation and Ease of Use
4.4 Call to Actions
4.5 Value Proposition
4.6 Silos
4.7 Imagery
4.8 Styling verses SEO
4.9 Opportunities and Recommendations

5.1 Your Google Business Overview
5.2 Competition Google Business Analysis
5.3 Opportunities and Recommendations

6 SEO Audit
6.1 On-Page SEO
6.1.1 URL
6.1.2 Titles and descriptions
6.1.3 Headers
6.1.4 Image Alt Tags
6.1.5 Content analysis including existing terms per page
6.1.6 Keyword analysis
6.1.7 Internal links (circular referencing)
6.1.8 External links
6.1.9 Readability
6.1.10 Competitor comparison
6.1.11 Valid versus excluded pages
6.1.12 Clicks versus impressions
6.1.13 Duplicate content
6.1.14 Opportunities and Recommendations

6.2 Ranking data
6.2.1 Best ranking
6.2.2 Worst ranking
6.2.3 Clicks versus impressions

6.3 Technical SEO
6.3.1 Hosting
6.3.2 Webserver check
6.3.3 Server, IP and SSL
6.3.4 CMS
6.3.5 Blacklisting
6.3.6 Reverse DNS lookup
6.3.7 Technology used
6.3.8 Robots file
6.3.9 Opportunities and Recommendations

6.4 Speed
6.4.1 Google speed insights
6.4.2 Speed audit results
6.4.3 Speed by location
6.4.4 Opportunities and Recommendations

6.5 Search Terms
6.5.1 Objective
6.5.2 Constraints
6.5.3 Steps followed
6.5.4 Monthly searches
6.5.5 Opportunities and Recommendations

7.0 Off-PAGE SEO
7.1 Incoming links explained
7.2 Competition review
7.3 Opportunities and Recommendations

8.0 SEM and PAID MEDIA AUDIT (Google or Bing)
8.1 Target Keywords
8.2 Ad copy
8.3 Cost and bid review
8.4 Audience review
8.5 Native  advertising audit (if applicable)
8.6 Opportunities and Recommendations

9.1 Social engagement
9.2 Organic Reach Rate (ORR)
9.3 Impressions: total content views
9.4 Engagement Rate:
9.5 Total Interactions
9.6 Monthly Growth Rate
9.7 Clicks: number of clicks to the website
9.8 Conversions
9.9 Competition review
9.10 Opportunities and Recommendations

10.1 Bounce rate
10.2 Open rate
10.3 Click through rate
10.4 Conversion rate
10.5 Unsubscribe rate
10.6 Subject lines
10.7 Email content
10.8 Email links
10.9 Contact list quality
10.10  Opportunities and Recommendations



Typical clients


  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Marketing managers
  • Strategy managers
  • Business owners
  • Website owners
  • Your team

Before we can start, we need


Once we have received your order, we will contact you to get the following information to start our analysis:

  • Your URL (website address) or base URL
  • 1 Target country
  • 5 competitor URL’s
  • A list of 10 to 20 search terms you believe customers are using to find your products and/or services

Once we have received this information, we can then start the analysis.

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