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CreatorSEO is an SEO company that delivers exceptional search engine optimisation results while making the process transparent for our clients.

Link Building Strategy for SEO

Developing an effective link building strategy is essential part of SEO and your website’s success on the Internet. Link building campaigns make a website more relevant and an authority in an area. This translates into higher ranking search engine results and drives more traffic to your site.

CreatorSEO is an SEO company that delivers exceptional search engine optimisation (SEO) results while making the ranking and link building process transparent for our clients.

Link Types Investigated

Links building involves internal links (those from the site domain) and external links (those from a different domain). There are 3 phases to our link building approach:

Internal Links

We start with the internal links to ensure that these reflect the purpose of the site. In other words cornerstone pages should have the most internal links pointing to these pages.

External Links

Next we look at the external links. These links need to come from reputable sources and should add value to the site that links to the site we are optimising. We also look at the value of these links (number of links on the linking page, words used in the links and the rel tags).

Bad Links

Finally, we look at links that point to the site we are optimising that do not add value or are spammy links. These links are then disavowed.

All our link building approach is ‘white-hat’ as we have a strong belief that the only links worth having are those that add value to both linking sites. Social media is also a means of promoting the site and encouraging links from other sites.

Our Link Building Methodology

Our proven methodology is typically broken in to the following steps:

  1. Agree link building strategy with client: requirements capture and set a baseline
  2. Identify sites that would like to link to your site
  3. Competitor Analysis and benchmarking
  4. Contact site owners (e-mail, phone and so on)
  5. Track, Measure & Report
  6. Remove any bad links

We’ve been creating and providing link building pricing for years. What sets us apart from the rest is our innovative and systematic approach. Although we generate internal lists for the top link-building websites, we also evaluate each website and campaign on an individual basis.

Our link building pricing is based on the resources and time it takes to get your site the most number of high quality links. We focus only on sites that can create reputable links to your site.

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